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Preparing for Foot Surgery

January, 25 2012 | Nail Problems
If you are working with your foot surgeon and he recommends that you have a foot surgery, there will be quite a few arrangements to make before your surgery date. For example, you might want to have someone take you to the surgery and pick you up when it is over.
Your foot doctor’s office will provide the basic instructions about how to prepare the night before the surgery. Once you are at the surgery center or hospital, you will also be provided with instructions for how to care for your foot after the surgery is completed, usually at the time that you are discharged.
There are other concerns that you might want to discuss with your foot doctor in advance of the surgery. For example, you might want to discuss the type of anesthesia before the surgery and the medications to be prescribed after the surgery.
Be sure to discuss your drug allergies and sensitivities with the doctor. If you have to wait until the surgery date to consult the anesthesiologist, be sure that you discuss what types of local or general anesthetics, if any, are not effective or cause any undesirable side effects. Your doctor may also order a series of medical tests to ensure your body is ready for surgery. You will need to find time to complete these tests.
You and your foot doctors can work together to find anesthesia and pain medication options that are right for your body. Get surgery and take care of your foot condition with the least amount of difficulties.  


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