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Revolutionary Podiatry Care and Laser Therapy for Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kent

Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinics offer the highest quality podiatry care and breakthrough laser treatment for patients suffering from a variety of foot problems. We combine knowledgeable and honest doctors with the most advanced technology in the northwest to treat diabetics, sports injuries, arthritis, skin conditions and much more.

We’ll answer all your questions about laser fungus treatment, diabetic podiatry care or anything else you’d like to know. Larger health problems are often revealed through the feet, that’s why our exceptional physicians conduct a thorough diagnosis to get you on the path to complete health.

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Say Goodbye to Toenail Fungus

We use Q-Clear LaserCoolTouch and now Cutera technology to quickly and painlessly eliminate toenail fungus, often with only one treatment. Lasers pass through the toenail and safely eliminate organisms that live under the nail.

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The foot has been called the mirror of the body because many health problems reveal themselves through symptoms in the feet. We treat a variety of foot conditions including diabetes, arthritis, bunions, and more.

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Toenail fungus laser treatment

laser treatment for toenail fungus